Placester Webinar: BombBomb's Steve Pacinelli on Real Estate Email Marketing

Host: Steve Pacinelli

Webinar: Earning New Business with Email

Get Expert Email Marketing Tips!

Close more deals with effective email campaigns.

Watch our exclusive real estate email marketing webinar with BombBomb's Steve Pacinelli to learn how to leverage email for your agency today.

The video email marketing service's CMO shares his expert insights as to how real estate agents can best make use of email, including how to:

— Set up the right email campaigns for the right audience
— Optimize your emails to enhance opens and engagement
​— Craft the ideal messaging to easily convert leads into clients

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What You'll Learn In Our Webinar

Why Email Is the Perfect Marketing Tool

Discover why email is the preferred lead-nurturing tactic for countless real estate pros.

How to Optimize Emails for Your Leads

Find out how to structure your emails accordingly with stellar copy and messaging.

Tips for Resonating with Your Prospects

Learn the keys to connecting with your audience with carefully crafted campaigns.

Advice on Converting Leads Into Clients

Get insights as to how you can close the deal with your best prospects via email.

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